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Barcelona announces the departure of its player

Barcelona announced the departure of its player, Oscar Mingueza, today, Tuesday, to Celta Vigo, during the current summer transfer period.

And Barcelona published a statement on its website, in which it said, "Barcelona and Celta Vigo have reached an agreement regarding the transfer of the player Oscar Mingueza."

"Barcelona reserves the right to buy back the player in the future, and 50% of the future sale," Barca added.

"In this way, Mingueza becomes a Celta Vigo player, knowing that an agreement was reached between the two parties on July 30," the statement added.

Barcelona did not announce the financial details of the deal or the duration of the contract, but some reports indicated that Oscar Mingueza will sign a 4-year contract with Celta Vigo, and Barcelona will receive a financial consideration of two million euros, while retaining a percentage of the sale in the future.

Barcelona had requested at least 5 million euros for the departure of Oscar Mingueza, but with the player leaving coach Xavi's plans, Celta Vigo succeeded in pressing during the negotiations to reduce the financial return.

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