Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard has suggested Harry Kane


Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard has suggested Harry Kane could find happiness at Tottenham Hotspur, rather than move to another team.

Gerrard said, today, Friday, in comments reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”: “I admire his loyalty to Tottenham, and I am confident that he was subjected to many temptations to leave the team.”

He added, "Spurs fans should enjoy his presence, and admire the loyalty he gave them. We see a player who desperately wants to achieve success with Tottenham, and I admire him very much."

And the Liverpool legend continued, "He still has the opportunity to achieve some things in his career, and its value may be greater if he achieves it with Tottenham, in light of what the club has given him."

And he continued: “I went through the same thing, and I could have left for 3 or 4 years to another country, or for two years I could go to an English team that has a better chance of winning.”

And he continued, "Winning with the team you love, and in front of the fans you love, means a lot for the rest of your life, more than treating it with a short-term solution."

Gerrard added: "I would have liked to have the opportunity to play alongside Kane. You always wanted to play alongside the best players. His style of play would have helped me, and I was also able to help him. He is the perfect captain for England right now. A top class player. Global".

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